2019 Edition

Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum - February 14-16 2019 - Helsinki (Finland)


ARCTIC CHILLS (Canada/Greenland/Norway/Finland/Sweden/Russia)
Directed and written by : Jerri Thrasher, Ashley Savard, Vivi Nilsen, Elin Marakat, Sinituuli Kalttopää, Sara M. Oskal, Sardana Savvina
Produced by : International Sámi Film Institute, Liisa Holmberg, Jason Ryle

Directed by: Rick Spears
Produced by : Adam Hendricks & Greg Gilreath (Divide/Conquer), Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions)

Directed by : Danny DelPurgatorio
Written by : Michael Gilvary
Produced by : Robert Menzies, (Zed.Film), Colin Geddes & Katarina Gligorijevic, (Ultra8 Pictures), Jacqueline Ingram

LAYERS OF LIES (Finland/Iran)
Directed by: Ramin Sohrab
Written by : Ramin Sohrab, Amirhossein Makouei, Sami Laulajainen
Produced by : Ramin Sohrab, Mohsen Sarafi

MERSEA (Canada)
Directed and written by : Lindsay MacKay
Produced by : Paula Devonshire, Paul Scherzer

RESURRECTED (Cyprus/Russia)
Directed by : Egor Baranov
Written by : Joe Rechtman, histoire par Egor Baranov
Produced by : Timur Bekmambetov, Maria Zatulovskaya, Egor Baranov. (Bazelevs Entertainment)

BIRDS OF A FEATHER (Pahanhautoja) (Finland/Sweden/Norway/Latvia)
Directed by : Hanna Bergholm
Written by : Ilja Rautsi
Produced by : Mika Ritalahti (Silva Mysterium Oy), Nima Yousefi (Hob Ab), Egil Ødegår (Evil Doghouse Productions AS)

BREEDER (Denmark)
Directed by : Jens Dahl
Written by : Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen
Produced by : Amalie Lyngbo Quist & Maria Møller Christoffersen (Beo Starling)

DON’T COME AFTER ME (Ireland/Finland/Sweden)
Directed by: AJ Annila
Written by : David Turpin, Antti Karumo
Produced by : Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde (Tailored Films), Gudrun Giddings (G4C Innovation)

MEMORY OF WATER (Veden vartija) (Finland/Germany/Norway/Estonia)
Directed by : Saara Saarela
Written by : Ilja Rautsi, basé sur le roman d’Emmi Itaranta
Produced by : Mark Lwoff & Misha Jaari (BUFO), Reinhard Brundig & Nina Frese (Pandora Film), Maria Ekerhovd (Mer Film), Ivo Felt (Allfilm)

MONSTER (G-B - Wales)
Directed and written by : Laura Smith
Produced by : Jenny Walker (FoR FILMS Ltd)

Directed by: Nyla Innuksuk
Written by : Nyla Innuksuk & Ryan Cavan
Produced by : Daniel Bekerman & Ethan Lazar (Scythia Films), Alex Ordanis & Christopher Yurkovich (Stellar Citizens), Nyla Innuksuk (Mixtape VR)


An opening In Conversation session with producer Gale Anne Hurd (THE TERMINATOR trilogy, ALIENS, tv’s THE WALKING DEAD);

An Evening in the Arctic: a panel discussion on Arctic filmmaking & co-production presented by Telefilm Canada, the International Sámi Film Institute & the Lapland Film Commission, hosted by the Finnish Film Foundation;

Jet Lag Drinks hosted by the Embassy of Canada to Finland & a Welcome Cocktail hosted by the City of Helsinki.

A tremendous eye opener and an incredible opportunity to meet and watch key players in action - not just producers and directors but also financiers, sales agents and buyers - in a friendly yet rigorous open forum. It joins the dots in terms of understanding the contributions of a disparate group of passionate and dedicated professionals and their impact on the success of a film project. Unmissable.

Manuel Puro, Manuel Puro Casting, UK

The 2019 Frontières Forum was organized in collaboration with the Nordic Genre Boost/Nordic Factory and was made possible thanks to the major support from Finnish Film Foundation, City of Helsinki, & Nordisk Film & TV Fond. This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Photos credits : Kimmo Brandt